Fluorophore Databases

Use these spectral databases to check the behaviour of your fluorescent probe of choice with respect to the laser line, or the bandwidth of the filter block, used to illuminate it, and the bandwidth of the emission filter used to collect the emitted signal into the CCD or PMT.

Fluorophore data pages
  1. George McNamara’s spectral data webpage
  2. George’s PubSpectra open access data (may need to use Microsoft Edge or Firefox, rather than Google Chrome)
  3. Nikon Filter block selector
  4. Olympus microscopy page
  5. Zeiss Fluorescence Dye and Filter Database
  6. Science Gateway fluorophore list and another list here and the AbCam page – printable PDF
Fluorophore – Spectral viewers
  1. Thermo Fisher formerly Life Technologies/Invitrogen
  2. University of Arizona
  3. Semrock Searchlight
  4. Leica FluoScout
  5. Nightsea summary webapge – if you want more than these three!
Multi-photon fluorophore spectra
  1. Zeiss multi-photon spectra  – printable PDF
  2. Cornell spectral cross-sections
  3. Fluorescent proteins (see [9] Speiss (2005) below: the same paper).
  4. Velasco, MG et al (2015) Absolute two-photon excitation spectra of red and far-red fluorescent probes Optical Letters 40/21: 4915-4918
  5. Drobizhev, M et al (2014) Multiphoton photochemistry of red fluorescent proteins in solution and live cells. Jour. Phys. Chem B. 118/31: 9167-9179.
  6. Mütze, J et al (2012) Excitation Spectra and Brightness Optimization of Two-Photon Excited Probes Biophys. Jour. 102/4: 934-944
  7. Drobizhev, M et al (2011) Two-photon absorption properties of fluorescent proteins Nature Methods 8/5: 393-399
  8. Drobizhev, M et al (2009) Absolute two-photon absorption spectra and two-photon brightness of orange and red fluorescent proteins. Jour. Phys. Chem B. 113/4: 855-859.
  9. Speiss, E et al (2005) Two-photon excitation and emission of the green fluorescent protein variants ECFP, EGFP and EYFP Journal of Microscopy 217/3: 200-204
  10. Dickinson, ME et al (2003) Multiphoton excitation spectra in biological samples Jour. Biomed. Optics 8/3: 329-338
  11. Bestvater, F et al (2002) Two-photon fluorescence absorption and emission spectra of dyes relevant for cell imaging Jour. Microscopy 208/2: 108-115
  12. Klein, JK & Smith, PG (2014) Figure 1, page 32 in: Deep dive in multi-photon imaging Imaging & Microscopy Oct 2014 16/4: 31-33 GIT-Verlag
  13. Harris Lab. hhmi Janelia Farm
  14. Clément, R et al (2018) Two-photon probes for in vivo multicolor microscopy of the structure and signals of brain cells Brain Struct Funct. 223/7: 3011-3043.



Why spectra are formed

Two photon spectral cross sections

Klein & Smith (2014) Two photon spectral cross sections