Top ten microscopy papers - under revision 2020

There is an enormous microscopy literature available. These are ten of the most useful papers. I recommend them to my students:

Under Other information, I have a further list of useful microscopy papers


  1. North, A (2006) Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition Jour. Cell Biol. 172/1: 9-18
  2. Johnson, J (2012) Not seeing is not believing: improving the visibility of your fluorescence images Mol. Biol. Cell. 23/5: 754-757
  3. Ishikawa-Ankerhold, HC et al (2012) Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques – FRAP, FLIP, FLAP, FRET and FLIM Molecules 17: 4047-4132
  4. Cranfill PJ et al. (2017) Quantitative assessment of fluorescent proteins Nature Methods 13/7: 557-562
  5. Richardson, DS & Litchman, JW (2015) Clarifying Tissue Clearing Cell 162/2: 246-57  Also see a more recent Beginner’s Guide review here.
  6. Ueda, HR et al. (2020) Tissue Clearing and its applications in neuroscience Nature Reviews Neuroscience 21/2:61-79
  7. Pawley, JB (2006) Points, Pixels and Gray Levels: Digitizing Image Data pp 59-79, Chapter 4 in: Handbook of Biology Confocal Microscopy 3rd edition. (ed.) JB Pawley. Springer, New York. ISBN = 0-387-25921-X
  8. Schermelleh, L et al (2019) Super-resolution microscopy demystified Nature Cell Biology 21/1: 72-84 Review
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